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Can I return the diapers?


We want every parent to try NewBoo Reusable Diapers, which is why we have an AMAZING return policy 🌈

In the smallest teeniest tiniest possibility that your 'BabyBoo' doesn't LOVEE our diapers, you can return them within 30 days and get a full 100% refund 👏. Read more about our RETURN POLICY here.

How do NewBoo diapers work?

Well, the basics are the same: you lay the baby down, put on a fresh clean diaper, and just 2 mins later they poop in it 💩.

The main difference from disposable diapers is that you don't have to throw this diaper away after that. You can wash, use and repeat. DON'T BE WORRIED about washing it 🛁 - it is WAY easier than it sounds and way SAFER for your lil' NewBoo too.

Learn more about washing 🧼.

Learn more about why we're safe 💗.

For how many hours can I use them?

12hrs, duh! 🤷🏽‍♀️🌙 💤

C'mon MamaBoo/ PapaBoo, did you think we'd make these DREAMY DIAPERS without making sure they could last all night?

Tuck your baby in with NewBoo diapers and sleep easy knowing you don't have to wake up for any diaper changes 😎 

Learn more about absorbency.

How am I saving money?

Good question! Let's do some boring math.

Disposable Diapers: 5 per day x Rs.14 each x 2.5 years = Rs. 63,875 ❌

NewBoo Diapers: 15 overall x Rs. 999 = Rs. 14,985 ✅ (Our diapers start at only Rs. 699, but we've accouted for extra pads and other stuff.)

TanDaDaaa... YOU SAVE RS. 50,000! 💰💰💰

You need only 15 NewBoo diapers for the 2.5 years that you're going to diaper your baby. Read more.


Why NewBoo?

Maximum leak protection (12hrs). Insanely cute. And best of all - made from 100% cloth. No chemicals, No rashes.

Excellent product

Honestly, NewBoo diapers are the best ones I've used so far! I've used all the top brands diapers but all of them worked only for 4 - hrs in the night. My baby is a heavy wetter and tummy sleeper, and I was having to change 3 diapers in the night which was really a hassle. But NewBoo diapers are lasting the whole night for my baby. I'm really happy with their product. It's super soft, trim and the 'SoakerBoo Pad' is just awesome. I would love to have more of these in my stash, they are worth every penny. Thank you NewBoo!


The Best Diaper!

Not only was the customer support and delivery awesome, the product is AMAZING. My baby is extremely comfortable and all new moms should go for it. Worth the price - it's leak proof and can easily stay for 5-6 hrs during day time. The cutest prints also.


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